Appreciating the Beautiful South Bohemian Region through Prague Escorts Agency
A very interesting region in Czech Republic, South Bohemian Region has been the favorite of many tourists. Many tourists, especially men who came to be with companions Prague escorts agency were surprised on what they see. The region is very familiar for its beer but many have found out that the region is more than just a place where you can enjoy beer. Located in the southern portion of the country, it’s a highly accessible region not only from various parts of the country but even from neighboring places in Central Europe.
Notable Cities of the Region
Tourists are highly recommended to visit these places to enjoy the best of the region. If you’re traveling with a companion, these places will surely improve your intimacy:
  • České Budějovice – the region’s center is not just known for its administrative capabilities, it’s also known for its historical significance. A UNESCO Heritage Site, the town’s center is home to structures with various architectural designs.
  • Tábor – a very picturesque place, tourists often visit the place during summer. The various watering holes are popular among local and international tourists.
  • Písek – although not as popular compared to the larger cities in the region, it’s still a must place to visit because of their century old structures.
  • Český Krumlov – known for its Krumlov Castle, this relatively small area should never be missed. The International Music Festival is also a highlight in the country every summer.
Beer in the Region
One of the most popular products from the region is their Beer. České Budějovice has an extensive history in brewing beer. In fact, the name “Budweiser” started in this town. The city continues to brew some of the finest beers in the world. Although the tradition of brewery is also found in other places in the country, only a few have rivaled the beer from České Budějovice.
Ponds in South Bohemian Region
Tourists often visit the region during summer because of their interesting ponds. These are not just your regular ponds with limited amount water and mud. The ponds in South Bohemian Region are well known for their fresh water that has offered a relaxing opportunity for everyone. If you’re in the region with your hot escort, look for a place where you can stay with a pond’s view. It’s a very romantic place to stay which means intimacy for you and your partner.
Rustic Baroque Architecture
Complementing the beautiful ponds of South Bohemian Region are the houses with impressive architecture. These houses are often placed right in the banks and they feature a very unique design. The houses are called to have “Rustic Baroque” architecture which is basically a combination of simple house design with baroque-like windows. The most popular “Rustic Baroque” architecture is the Holašovice which is just a few miles outside the region’s center.

The Southern Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic is a well known tourist destination perfect for your intimate vacation. Visit some of the cities of the region and enjoy what they can offer for a wonderful and intimate vacation with your erotic companion.