Beyond the Border – Beautiful Cities Outside Czech Republic
The Czech Republic offers a memorable experience for tourists looking for the best historical sites in Europe. Men also visit the country to enjoy adult erotic vacation Prague. An adult vacation in Prague is a good option for men because the city is teeming with hot, beautiful escorts known for providing unforgettable pleasure to their patrons.
But you don’t just limit yourself to Prague and the Czech Republic. If you’re a tourist looking to see more of Europe, consider visiting other cities just outside the country. There are beautiful cities immediately outside the country and perfect for tourists who prefer to stay close to the Czech Republic and their hot companion.
The transformation of Berlin from WWII and the destruction of the Berlin Wall are amazing. The city is a must for every tourist in Central Europe because of the numerous attractions and historical sites. But even though it is full of historical sites that can easily fill your itinerary, Berlin is place where you could literally have fun until the sun rises. If you can take your hot companion outside the country, bring her to Berlin and enjoy the nightlife.

The capital of Slovakia and also the country’s biggest city easily give tourists the romantic setting they want anytime of the day. The city is full of historical structures (Bratislava Castle) parks, (Sad Janka Kráľa) and churches (St. Martin's Cathedral) open for every tourist.

The unique feature of Bratislava is its dedication to unique architecture. Stroll around the city and you’ll easily find structures with very unique design. The Nový Most is a perfect example of a structure with a unique architecture since the bridge features a restaurant with a shape of a flying saucer standing in the middle.

Although it’s not the capital of Poland, it is a very popular tourist destination because of its long history with nearby countries and territories in Central Europe. Because it was part of different cultures, structures with different types of design themes are found everywhere. Aside from the century-old structures in Wrocław, it is also known for its take on modern architecture. Some of the most popular attractions in Wrocław are the “Cathedral Island” featuring the Cathedral itself, the 14th century Town Square and Town Hall as well as the Museum of Architecture.

If you have time and extra budget, never fail to visit these places outside the country. They are some of the best cities in Central Europe to enjoy with a hot companion.