Enjoying Your Day with a Great Meal in Prague
Going out with Prague escorts English speaking has some advantage since she can be your guide for the day for the best destinations in the city. Although some of the English speaking escorts Prague ask for premium price, the services they provide not only in the day but also at night should be more than enough. You can really enjoy your vacation in Prague when you go out with a hot escort that can also guide to some of the hottest spots in Czech Republic.
But you can also impress your hot companion by knowing which places to visit when it comes to food. The following are some of the best places to visit where you and your hot companion can hang out and enjoy a great meal:
Café Colore
The best thing about Café Colore is that it knows its capacity as a small café. Their menu is a little bit limited but that allowed the restaurant to develop their meal to something very creative. It’s one of the most popular places to hang out in Prague it could be a little bit busy during rush hours but the waiters are still very friendly. The most popular food at Café Colore is the club sandwich.
Zelena Zahadra
It’s one of the best places in Prague if you want to get away from the busy streets. Zelena Zahadra is well known for their relaxing gardens where you and your hot companion can hang out. The interior of the restaurant is also carefully designed for a relaxing feeling. The restaurant is also well known for their Mediterranean meals and Chinese dishes that can easily fill your hungry stomach. The restaurant’s focus to make it look like a garden full of plants makes it a relaxing place to dine and unwind.
Palladium Shopping Centre

This may not be the best place to go on a date but it’s the best place to enjoy sushi in Prague. Located at the top level of the Palladium Shopping Centre is the all-you-can-eat buffet of sushi. You can enjoy a wide variety of sushi from their cart and you can also order additional Japanese entrees available in the restaurant. You can take your hot escort to a fun shopping spree afterwards.

These are some of the places in Prague where you can unwind and have fun with your hot Czech companion.