Enjoying Your Summer in Krkonoše
Czech Republic is a great country to visit because of the options in skiing destinations. One of the most popular skiing destinations in the country is Krkonoše. As the country’s highest peak, it’s an ideal destination for tourists who want to challenge themselves in skiing and other winter activities. The best escorts in Prague love to visit Krkonoše during winter because of the fun they can have in the place. The best Prague escorts can easily give you a great time here because of the romantic setting in the midst of colder climate.
But Krkonoše is not just a place to visit during winter. Tourists and locals are slowly discovering the beauty of mountain every summer. Krkonoše even reveals its beauty during the summer because there is no snow to cover the landscape.
Krkonoše National Park
Enjoying Krkonoše during the summer season is very easy even for first time visitors because of the available services in the area. The mountain range is part of the Krkonoše National Park and tourists can easily get in touch with park authorities for additional assistance especially during the summer season. They can inquire about the activities they can do during the summer as well as rent some facilities for the activity.
Hiking and Biking
Two of the most popular activities in Krkonoše during summer is hiking and biking. First time tourists can easily go through the route because of the markers. But it’s highly recommended that tourists grab a tour guide along the way so that they can easily go through different places in the national park. There are also villages in Krkonoše where tourists can ask the locals for a guide.
Shops, Bars and Restaurants
The increasing popularity of Krkonoše during the summer season maintains the liveliness of the different facilities in the area. You can easily find shops, bars and restaurants in Krkonoše and they are often full of tourists who want to have some fun while being close to nature. You can take your hot escort to Krkonoše instead of Prague if she wants to have some fun without the bustling noises of the city.

Krkonoše’s reservation, accommodation and even meals are always good for two persons. This is an advantage for tourists especially those with companions since they can save on food while on the road. Just make sure that your hot companion loves the food that your order so that you can have a nice time staying in Krkonoše.