Enjoying the Karlovy Vary Region, Prague and Escorts
Prague and escorts can really make any man’s vacation. The beautiful capital city of Czech Republic with its beautiful and remarkable structures will be greatly enjoyed by any men if they visit the place with a beautiful escort. Complementing the historical structures is very interesting nightlife which will surely keep anyone up partying until the wee hours of the morning.
But to those who wanted something different or simply would like to consider other places in Czech Republic, the region of Karlovy Vary should be a good option.  Located in the northwestern end of the country, the region’s capital and surrounding places are known tourist attractions.
Enjoying Spa in Karlovy Vary
When tourists talk about Karlovy Vary, they talk about a relaxing city. Karlovy Vary is not just the region’s center; it’s also a major spa destination in Czech Republic. Tourists spend days in Karlovy Vary in order to try out their various spa resort hotels. The most popular district in the city is Carlsbad which is home to various hotels that offers an amazing spa vacation.  Because of the businesses developed in the city, high rise structures with traditional architecture can be seen everywhere.
But the city is more than just a spa city. Karlovy Vary holds an annual film festival and the Czech drink called Becherovka also came from this city. You and your hot companion can visit the city during the film festival (July) and enjoy various films while relaxing on the nearby resort.
Other Notable Places in Karlovy Vary Region

As indicated, the beauty of the region is not just on Karlovy Vary. The neighboring cities should not be missed as well that some of them might be good for a few days of vacation. If you’re looking for something unknown yet will provide the intimate atmosphere, consider these places:

Aš (Pronounced Aj) – this traditional small town in the region is full of surprises. Although it doesn’t exist in many people’s list of destination, the town has a good number of historical structures to be proud of. The 16th century castle (now a museum) should be interesting for any tourist. Complementing the castle is the Church of St. Nicholas which was built in 18th century.
Cheb – a place that’s worthy for postcards, Cheb is a favorite of many locals in the region because of beautiful river Ohre that flows through the town. They also have a Church of St. Nicholas which was also built during the middle ages. Scattered in various parts of the city are small towers and churches that were built centuries ago.

Chodov – although not as popular compared to Cheb and Karlovy Vary, it’s still a good place to visit as it offers the traditional Czech Republic setting. Its main draw is the St. Lawrence Cathedral which was built in 18th century. The church is home to some impressive paintings and wood sculptures.

Tour your beautiful escort outside Prague. By visiting more places, you and your companion could have more chances to connect which will only increase intimacy.