Escorts Prague GFE 

The national language of Czech Republic is simply called “Czech”. There are more than 12 million speakers of the language inside and outside the country. It is a language that could be easily understood by those who can speak Slovak although the said language is not predominant in the country. Your escorts Prague GFE naturally knows how to speak the language and there’s even a possibility that she only has limited vocabulary in English. If you want to have someone who really knows how to speak English, expect higher than normal Prague escorts GFE rates.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your stay in Czech Republic if you don’t know their language. As an increasingly popular tourist destination, many locals have become very familiar with the language.

Frowning Faces

Czech Republic used to be part of a communist regime. This is the reason why the elderly rarely speaks other languages.  You’ll most likely speak to one of them when you’re trying to buy something in the street or in the restaurant. You could be intimidated a little bit if they frown at your language. Don’t be offended by these. They are already familiar with tourists who speak English and this is just a way of saying that they can’t understand you.

Learn to be Polite

Being polite is something anyone could do even though they don’t know the language. But you have to remember that each country has a different tradition. It could be possible that your actions could be offensive even though you just wanted to be polite. To make sure you don’t end up in this awkward situation, stay with the basics. That means saying “thank you” and “please” in the conversation. It’s even better if you learn how to say these words in Czech.

Go to a Restaurant

Here’s a simple but a very effective method of learning a little bit about the language without being too eager: go to a popular restaurant with your companion.  Once you’re there, you could order some food and ask your companion to say them for you. It’s also possible to ask the help of waiters so that you could have a little bit of Czech language before finishing the meal. This is a great conversation starter with your beautiful companion while you learn each other’s language. Don’t be intimidated with the language but you don’t have to run away from Czech language because it is a good way to impress your companion.