Explaining Budejovicky Budvar to Your East European Escort

The Czech Republic is well known for their beer. While other countries (like Germany) also offer some interesting variety of their beer, Czech Republic is also pushing their brand to tourists. But aside from simply being a tourist attraction, beer is part of their lives. Their traditional meal is always complemented with a beer. Meat and beer always complement each other Czech Republic and the combination can provide a hearty meal. In fact, enjoying meat with beer is the best way to enjoy traditional meal in this country.

Because of the significance of beer for the Czechs, they have placed importance on the quality of their beer. The locals are not the only ones who care for their beer. The government is also taking part on making quality beer not just in regulations but also in production. The state owns also owns a brewery with a worldwide reputation on quality. The brewery is called Budejovicky Budvar and the brewer produces one of the most popular beers in Europe – the Budweiser Budvar.

History and Popularity of Budejovicky Budvar

The brewery was established in 1895. During that time the government owns a good number of breweries but all have been privatized except for Budejovicky Budvar. The brewery is located in České Budějovice in the southern portion of the Czech Republic. Although the brewery is not the biggest (only 3rd) in the country, it’s one of the largest exporters as nearly 50% of the beer coming out of the brewery is exported. The beer is currently exported to 50 countries and the list is constantly growing. Unfortunately, the beer is sold in various names depending on the country. This is due to the name dispute with the US-made Budweiser (established 1876). Some countries sell the Czech beer as Budweiser Budvar while the beer is known as Czechvar in the USA.

The Unique Taste of Budejovicky Budvar

Anyone who has tasted Budejovicky Budvar can attest to its unique flavor. This is the reason why their beer is very popular in various European countries. There is actually no secret as to why Budejovicky Budvar has become a popular beer. The process is still the same from the day the brewery was opened late 1800s. Aside from traditional practices, the source of ingredients is still the same. Malt still comes from Moravia and hops come from Zatec. These towns in Czech Republic are well known producers of these ingredients worldwide. Even the source of water is still the same: an artesian well 300 meters deep.

Touring the Brewery

Tourists can have a closer look on how the beer is produced. The brewery in České Budějovice accepts tourists from Tuesdays to Saturdays in the morning. The tour is usually 60 minutes long and tourists can get in touch with the brewery in advance since the number of tourists allowed is often limited.It is always a must for tourists to try Czechs own Budweiser. With your hot companion from Prague, you’ll be able to have a great time in this country as you enjoy one of the finest beers in the world.