Other Unique Restaurants to Enjoy in Prague

Food will always be a great tool to start a conversation between two strangers. You could end up with a hot girl from Prague pissing escort service or found a beautiful companion from what is the best escort service in Prague and these companions will easily open up when you go out to dine together. This is the reason why many people who go out on a date eat first: they can easily relax and enjoy each other’s company when they are enjoying something for their body.

In Prague, there is always a restaurant that can cater to your every preference. There are even restaurants that offer something truly unique that you can’t easily find anywhere in the country. If you’re in for a culinary surprise, check out these restaurants:

Luka Lu

It’s your regular restaurant from the outside but a unique twist in the inside. Luka Lu is well known for their decorations as they try to match the interior with the weather outside although they are only limited to two seasons (winter and summer). During the summer season, the decoration inside is a little bit laid back. The decoration is a lot cozier in the inside during winter and other seasons.

Marina Grosseto

It’s your typical pizza restaurant except that it’s a floating restaurant. You don’t just enjoy quality pizza but you also enjoy the great views of the city. Tourists love the fact that they enjoy quality Italian meals while seeing some of the most popular sites of Prague. The floating restaurant has two floors and it’s highly recommended to stay on the top floor for a better view.

The best thing about Marina Grosseto is that it’s not that expensive even though you are practically in a cruise. Just make sure to call then in advance for reservation.

Palffy Palace

The name itself will tell you the elegance of the restaurant. Located in the second floor of the building with the same name, the restaurant is well known for the stunning views of the some of the most popular structures in the country. The meals often focus on traditional Czech meals with a twist. There are also international entrees that you can enjoy with your hot companion. Expect the restaurant to be a little bit expensive but it’s really worth it if you want to enjoy elegance, great meal and view. This is the perfect restaurant if you want to impress your hot companion.