Pilsen Escort

If you’re traveling with an escort Pilsen in Prague, one of the best places to visit in the city is the Charles Bridge. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country because of its historical significance, its role in culture and interesting sculptures. Tourists around the world often end up in Charles Bridge if they want to have some fun. You and your companion will definitely have something to do there because of the activities and sights in the bridge.

A Closed Bridge

One of the reasons why Charles Bridge is very popular to locals and tourists is the fact that it’s closed for public transportation. Since 1970, the bridge was closed for any form of transportation and the government converted it as a form of pathway to the other side of the city. Because there are cars and trucks that would cause any accidents, people can stay here and do what they want.

But even though the bridge was only closed in 1970, Charles Bridge was actually built from 14th to 15th century. Because of its age, a lot of events happened here. Most notably, the bridge was used to Execute St. John Nepomuk (Czech Republic’s Patron Saint). From the bridge, St. Nepomuk was thrown in Vltava River per order of King Wenceslaus.

Morning Shopping

From early morning to late afternoon, Charles Bridge is a popular destination for tourists who wanted to purchase locally made products. Of course, there are also imported items on sale and they are often geared towards locals but there could be some bargain brands that could be interesting to anyone. Aside from shopping, there are also artists who could give you quick portrait as you enjoy the view of the bridge. This is a good gift for your companion.

Evening Party

The bridge is not necessarily converted into one party place at night but it’s a good place to enjoy dinner with some music. There are some food stalls near the bridge that offers an amazing view of the city on the other end of the bridge. The atmosphere is even amazing as most of the street artists perform their best songs at night. Reserve a night or two to visit Charles Bridge with your companion. Since she’s from Pilsen; there a chance that she rarely visits this part of the city on a date. Give her an amazing time and she’ll surely replicate your admiration.