Places in Olomouc Region Recommended by an Escort Prague Girl Agency

The Olomouc region in Czech Republic is a highly recommended tourist destination. Ask any escort Prague girl agency and they’ll most likely recommend a town or city in the region. Although the region doesn’t have the extensive historical structures compared to Prague, it’s still a region good enough for every tourist to enjoy. If you’re looking for a place that should offer romantic atmosphere with a romantic background in Czech Republic, the Olomouc Region should be on top of your list.

The following are interesting structures in the region that should be perfect for your travel with your hot companion:

  • Jánský Vrch Chateau – located in Jesenik, this beautiful gothic structure was built during the 14th century. Aside from its well known architecture, the additional structures that were built in the later years have shown the diversity of architectural designs of the region.
  • Bouzov Castle – one of the most popular castles in the region, Bouzov Castle was also built during the 14th century. The structure was under different owners and still in dispute until today but it has been carefully restored during the 19th century and the design from the restoration still stands today.
  • Velké Losiny Chateau – this beautiful structure in Šumperk used to feature a gothic castle. But this doesn’t mean the structure do not have the same architectural value. Because of various renovations until 18th century, the Chateau, like other mentioned castles now features different architectural designs.
  • Šternberk Castle – built during 13th century, Šternberk Castle started out as a Gothic structure but eventually into a renaissance castle when it was renovated at the end of the 18th century. The latest addition to the castle is the park which was introduced at the early years of 1900s.

Spa in Olomouc

Aside from the notable structures in the region, tourist can also enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere in Olomouc. There are a good number of spa resorts in the region particularly in Teplice nad Bečvou and Slatinice. Both are well known for their therapeutic waters. What made these places special is their historical significance when it comes to this type of service. These places are well known destinations since the 16th century. Teplice nad Bečvou is less than 40kms from Olomouc while Slatinice is less than 15kms from Olomouc. This means you don’t have to travel far if want to unwind a bit and enjoy some therapeutic water with your adult companion.

Trekking in Olomouc

The region is also a well-known destination for those who wanted to have an outdoor adventure. There are tourist agencies in the area that offers guided tours in various hills that lead towards historical structures in the region. There are also trails perfect for downhill ride. You can simply bring your mountain bike and enjoy the thrill of speed while going down the slope. The Olomouc Region practically has everything for tourists. From impressive castles to downhill rides on a mountain bike, there is always something special to experience in this region. You and your beautiful escort should have fun while being intimate in this region.