Take Your Female Escort in Prague to the Beautiful Western Bank

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Prague is the Western Bank. This refers to the part of the city after crossing the Charles Bridge on the Vltava River. Naturally, the area before crossing the river is referred to as the Eastern Bank. In this article we take a look at the impressive structures found in this area. You and your escort can stroll through the banks of the river and enjoy these historical structures. It’s actually a romantic walk that you shouldn’t miss when you’re there enjoying your vacation with a European escort. The beauty of the Western Bank is on the collection of various historical structures that are not only the reminiscent of the country’s medieval days but also of the people’s experience during communist regime.

Prague Castle – the most prominent structure in Prague is also one of the oldest castles in the world. The size of the castle is simply massive that it has occupied blocks of property in the city. It is also the most popular tourist attraction because of the numerous structures that were built during the middle ages. But the original structure is significantly old – built in year 870, it is rightfully regarded as a historically significant building.

Lesser Town – don’t be fooled by the word “lesser” because there are a lot of things to be seen and experienced in this part of the city. Although its size is a lot smaller compared to other markets, it’s still a great place to shop. The place enjoys Prague Castle as its backdrop which makes dining in one of the restaurants a unique experience. This part of the Prague is also popular because of the numerous pubs so you’ll be able to enjoy beer while enjoying the view.

Lennon Wall – this particular wall is located in Mala Strana and this wall became the symbol of the country’s struggle against communism. Near the end of the 80s pop and rock music were banned and as a sign of protest; groups started painting graffiti and messages over the painting of John Lennon that was made in 1980. The communist government painted the wall white but new painting would emerge the next day. Today, the wall has become a symbol and place to express visual art. The graffiti added in the wall still changes from time to time.

Hradčany Square – this area used to be an independent town during the 12th century but because of war and fire, the town was almost flattened. The area became part of since the 16th century – since its assimilation, the square has seen very little changes. The square is currently one of the most popular meeting places in the city because the square is surrounded by very popular structures Prague Castle, Archbishop’s Palace and Sternberg Palace.  You’ll often find tourist start and end their walking tour in this area. Explore these areas in the Western Bank with your beautiful European escort. Aside from appreciating the historic setting, the presence of the river easily makes this place very romantic.