The Top Sailing Destinations In Europe To Visit with Blonde Escorts


For those privileged enough to own their own yacht, there are a number of exciting European destinations that they can visit with blonde escorts. These destinations provide spectacular views, great weather and numerous attractions.

Croatia (The Dalmatian Coast)

Croatia is the perfect locale for those looking for a place which is off the beaten track. The country has more than 1100 islands, the most popular of which are near the Dalmatian coast, and the crystalline water combined with the traditional culture makes it a place you won’t soon forget. Explore the fishing villages, hidden coves and beaches.

Italy (The Bay of Naples)

The Bay of Naples, along with the Amalfi Coast, offers some of Europe’s most impressive coastlines. The Capri islands are nearby, and here you will find wonderful food, wine and the Blue Grotto, a favorite of honeymooners.

Spain (The Balearic Islands)

The Balearic Islands of Spain are still a popular sailing destination, although it can become a bit crowded at certain times of the year. It includes Mallorca, Formentera, Menorca and Ibiza, which has become world famous for its night life and electronic music festivals.

Norway (Norwegian Fjords)

The fjords near Norway and other parts of Scandinavia are truly breathtaking. Many are listed as World Heritage Sites, as they were produced by glaciers which occurred within the previous ice age. During your stay you can stop at villages and farms to enjoy the local scene. It is best to come during summer however, as this part of Europe becomes extremely cold and frigid during winter.

Portugal (The Azores)

The Azores consist of a collection of islands which are owned by Portugal and situated within the Atlantic. These islands are volcanic, and famous for their rich green vegetation and landscapes which are ideal for exploration by sailors. We recommend beginning your journey at Horta, which due to its remote location hasn’t yet been spoiled by tourists. While there you and your companion might even spot a whale or two.

What Makes Yachts Distinct From Regular Boats?

The yacht is a type of watercraft that is used for both sports and pleasure. Its name is derived from jacht, a Dutch term which means to hunt. Traditionally it referred to light; fast sailing craft used by the navy of Holland to track pirates, but over time has come to refer to more recreational vehicles.

Yachts come in two forms, those built for sport, and those built for pleasure. Sport yachts will typically be stripped of many of their luxury accommodations so that speed can be maximized, while a pleasure yacht will be slower, but well equipped with luxury amenities making it reminiscent of a floating five star hotel. Those who are extraordinarily wealthy often own their yachts outright, while others choose to rent a charter yacht for a brief period of time. Many of the larger yachts come with crews that are compensated to provide a variety of services, and these sailing vessels can range in size from ten to dozens of meters.