Tips for Dating Sexy Russian Escorts

Russian women are stunning, mysterious and irresistible to men. Whether you’re visiting Moscow or flying sexy Russian escorts to your private residence in Europe, below are some tips which will ensure your date is both magnificent and unforgettable.

Make Sure Her Sexual Preferences Are In Alignment with Yours

Men hire escorts because they want to fulfill their fantasies. They want to indulge in things that their wives or girlfriends won’t or can’t do. As such, it is important that the Russian girl they hire be willing to satiate these desires. If she isn’t, this can ruin the meeting for both parties. This is why communication is so important, to ensure that when the two of you become intimate, there aren’t any awkward moments. Both sides should know what to expect.

Plan Everything Well In Advance

A common issue that occurs in this industry is men who desire short notice appointments. These are meetings in which the lady has less than 24 hours to prepare. While there are indeed many Russian girls who cater to this, the less time they have to prepare, the less pleasurable the experience. Short notice appointments can work well with repeat clients where the girl knows their desires and routine, but for first time appointments everything should be planned in advance, at least seven days.

The reason for this is because many Russian ladies do not do this full time; they may be employed as secretaries or are studying at a university. As such, it will not be possible for them to offer short notice meetings. Men who want to enjoy them will need to arrange everything in advance, so she can find time in her schedule that is most suitable.

Have a Clear Understanding of the Payment Arrangement

Escorts differ widely when it comes to the manner in which payment is arranged. Some will require a deposit of 50 percent up front before even meeting you, while others will not require a deposit but will ask you to pay them upon their arrival before the session begins. Other girls may require payment after they’ve rendered service, but this is more common in developing rather than developed countries.

Due to the fact that some agencies and girls are less than reputable, many men are uncomfortable paying large sums of money up front, since some girls will simply disappear. Be sure that you understand the rates and terms before the meeting starts, and generally speaking, it is impolite to haggle. For men that are well to do, what has worth is worth the price, and one should never cut corners when it comes to premium service.

Make Sure Your Residence Is Clean, Comfortable and Inviting

It can be difficult for women to enjoy themselves and orgasm with a man they’ve just met, especially if they’re nervous. Trust and a feeling of safety are paramount to sexual enjoyment. One way of achieving this is to ensure your residence, or the place where the meeting will take place, is clean, well lit and comfortable. If you’re planning the session during winter then your home should be warm and cozy, whereas during summer it should be nice and cool, but not too cold.